Perforated and Stamped Products Manufacturers of perforated and expanded metal products


Perforated and Stamped Products supply to a variety of companies and industries, due to the many possible applications for our products. Our flexibility in terms of product range and our willingness to continually develop our services to suit our clients means that we are not limited to a particular sector.

Some of the markets we have been involved with to date include;

  • Construction – manufacturing a range of bolt boxes and many other products
  • Automotive – producing perforated blanks for applications such as car speaker grills
  • Agricultural – providing grain drying ventilation products, for example
  • Filtration – producing a vast array of outer and inner filter tubes and components of various sizes
  • Food – including process containers and tubes for a variety of appliances
  • Security – perforated coil used for security shuttering applications
  • Heat Shields – perforated or expanded metal heat shields